NZ Super Rugby Squads 2020
All the NZ Super Rugby squads for the 2020 season

The Indecent and Controversial Proposal
Just for fun ok. Before we get to conspiracies, some background: the Rassie-mind. A man who played most of his test rugby in a team near invincible, until they were not.

Thoughts on the RWC Final
So I have watched the game twice over weekend and will probably do watch it again before the week is over

ABs v Wales Highlights
Highlights, match stats, scores and forum links from the Test

Muddled thoughts of a concussed prop
Yes sports fans, we’re getting set to watch a match nobody wants to play in, and nobody really wants to watch. Yup, that dreaded losers playoff for Bronze.

Hansen's recent record
When I see people explaining away this loss - the manner of this loss - by talking about how great England were and how good Hansen has been, I don’t get it.

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