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Bledisloe II

Thought a midfield combo of Jordie & Rieko is the future. Well the future came to pass, and it was a thing of beauty. Give those guys every game together now until the RWC please.


So what did we learn from Bledisloe 2?

So a thumping win, great to see, and great to see some captaincy all about winning - take the 3 when it's a gimmie - take a bow Sam Whitelock.

Learnings (to borrow one of the many fcuked up terms that players and coaches seem to spout ad nauseum in interviews).


Next day match report from the stadium

HTown was great fun. What an awesome day out - in the sun, charcoal lamb rotisserie at a mates, helped smash a keg of beer, and then down to the ground. FMG is one of the good rugby watching grounds in the country